Purchasing a license

Activate your plugin by purchasing a license

Note: Make sure you read the Installation and Registration articles before reading this section.

There are two ways to purchase licenses.

You can purchase license in bulk, or purchase single licenses.

When purchasing in bulk you will have the extra option to choose an extended lifetime (expiry) in years for your license(s). Volume discount will also be applied, which allows you to benefit from extra discounts.

Purchase a single license

To purchase a single license simply select "No" when asked if you already have a license code. Then click the "Add to cart". From here you can proceed to choosing your preferred billing and payment method.

Choosing your billing and payment method:

After your payment has been processed, the plugin will be activated.

Note: depending on your payment method it could take a couple of days before your payment has been processed. Once your payment has been cleared by the payment provider the plugin should automatically be activated.

If you believe there was an issue with your payment please reach out to us.

Purchase licenses in bulk

To purchase licenses in bulk, simply choose a quantity and the lifetime (expiry) in years. Based on the selected quantity and your currently active licenses a volume price will be applied.

An extra additional discount will be applied based on the selected lifetime (expiry) of the license.

Please note that your license will not expire until you actually activated the license on one of your sites.

When you are logged out, you will have to enter your Super Forms email account address. If you do not have an account a new one will be created upon completing the payment. After your payment has been processed you will receive the license codes in your email inbox. You can then enter your license code.

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