WooCommerce Checkout

Redirect your users to the WooCommerce Checkout after submitting the form. Automatically adding products to the cart and defining other related checkout options for WooCommerce.


This Add-on allows you to redirect your customers to the WooCommerce checkout page (or cart page) after submitting the form. It allows you to dynamically add products based on the entered/selected field data inside the form.

It allows you to apply custom fees and coupons for the checkout.

Optionally you can add custom checkout fields to your checkout forms to request more data from a user during checkout.

Below you can find guides on how you can configure your form or Super Forms to achieve specific functionalities.

pageFixed price checkoutpageDynamic price checkoutpageVariable product checkout (variations)pageReplacing the "Add to cart" on a product page with a formpageHiding product from shop and order via custom form

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