BETA version

Here you can download the BETA version, get early access to the latest features before they are being released to the public and help keeping the public releases of the plugin as stable as possible

This version has already been tested by a small set of users, so you will probably not encounter any issues using it. However if you do run into issues, please report them by submitting a ticket here.

Download: (v6.4.003-beta - Apr 24, 2024)

The main reasons you might want to use/try this BETA version are:

Changelog (compared to latest public release):

Apr 24, 2024 - Version 6.4.003-beta

  • Added: New [Stripe] tab to configure Stripe checkout, allowing for one time payments and recurring payments.

  • Added: New [WooCommerce] tab to configure anything related to WooCommerce checkouts, in the next BETA version Instant Orders will also be implemented under this tab.

  • Added: New [Triggers] tab to execute actions based on events that occur on your site, temporarily only supports sending E-mail after form submission for testing purposes. Actions can be scheduled at specific dates and times, any E-mail reminders will now be located under the [Triggers] tab. Actions are compatible with the build-in translation system, allowing for more flexibility when it comes to translating. E-mail attachment may also be translatable so you that you can (for example) send different PDF files based on the users language.

  • Improved: Inline Signature images inside E-mails instead of as an attachment

  • Improved: Language switcher state remembered when returning back to form via previous button from Stripe checkout (as an example)

  • Improved: When filling out the form in a specific language, when returning via the browser back button to the form, it will remember the language and try to populate with remembered form data (if option is enabled)

  • Fix: {tag;timestamp} now also works for Timepicker and fields with field type set to [date] (native browser datepicker)

  • Fix: When a min date for Datepicker element is set, make sure the timestamp (epoch) and any other date naming's are updated on page load

  • Fix: When dealing with Calculator elements inside a dynamic column, when adding a new row, it should reset the value based on the current row fields

  • Fix: Signature inside conditional hidden column render issue

  • Fix: Both the Divider element and <hr /> tag were not being printed on PDF when Native mode is enabled

  • Fix: Issue with Calculator element where math that contains regex like {contains*}, {^starts_with_}, {ends_with$} would not be calculated in some scenario's

  • Added: hour/minute/second conversion for Calculator element

  • Improved: Exclude zero values 0 for WooCommerce emails, PayPal emails and E-mail reminders emails, when the option to exclude empty values is enabled

  • Fix: Issue where in some scenario's the Column element would not close properly which could cause small padding issues

  • Fix: Bug with displaying Empty error message instead of the Validation error message when validation is set to Phone number

  • Fix: Bug allowing you to skip Address Autocomplete field by pressing TAB key without selecting any address

  • Fix: Bug causing Entry data population to choose multiple dropdown items, example: when the entry value would be Son for the dropdown and there would be another dropdown item with value Son-in-law it would select both items as selected.

  • Fix: Some hosting providers might add .htaccess files inside all directories for security reasons, skip these when loading Add-ons inside the /add-ons folder.

  • Fix: On back-end Contact Entries page, the date filter would not work properly depending on the WordPress Settings > General > Date Format setting

  • Fix: When field type is set to International phone number (int-phone) automatically set the field validation to Required (not empty)

  • Fix: Do not render/display Forms that have been marked as trashed

  • Added: Option to create vCards and attach them to Admin and Confirmation E-mails via Form settings > vCard Attachment

  • Added: New Signature drawing method for improved device compatibility (Microsoft Surface Pro)

  • Added: Option to connect Dropdown, Autosuggest, Keyword elements directly with Google Sheets (documentation: form with google sheets dropdown)

  • Added: Contact entry export now has an option to export the connected WooCommerce order ID (if any)

  • Added: New option for PDF Generator to define image quality inside generated PDF file

  • Added: New option for PDF Generator to generate native PDF elements

  • Added: New option for PDF Generator to enable smart page breaks for elements (put the element on the next page automatically when possible)

  • Added: New action hook super_before_login_user_action to allow for instance update user meta data directly before the user logs in

  • Added: Option to jump to a specific field so that a user can edit it, simply use #fieldname on your href attribute like so Summary:<br />First name: {first_name} - <a href="#first_name">EDIT</a>

  • Added: Option to define wrapper and or field ID attribute elements, when left blank the default ID will be sf-wrapper-1234-yourfieldname and sf-field-582-1-yourfieldname where 582 would be the form ID and 1 the form index (if you have multiple forms this will auto increment by one).

  • Added: Listings when editing entries, you can define if the user is allowed to change the entry status, and disallow to change the entry if it already has a specific status

  • Improved: Form Settings > Form Settings > Custom redirect URL can now be translated to redirect to custom pages e.g.,, `

  • Improved: When native PDF generation is enabled, add the country flag next to the international phone number field

  • Improved: Scrolling to next focused field or next multi-part. Only scroll when required based on the elements top/bottom positioning compared to window height

  • Improved: When using keyboard arrows up/down on radio button do not go to next step automatically when enabled on multi-part

  • Improved: Grid/Columns now using flex method

  • Improved: Color picker element small responsiveness fix

  • Improved: PDF page breaks are calculated after HTML block is updated/changed. Allowing to use the PDF page break html directly inside foreach loops. Example which loops over uploaded files:

  if(<%counter%>!='1'):<div class="super-shortcode super-field super-pdf_page_break"></div>endif;
  <img src="<%url%>" style="display:block;width:300px;" />
  • Fix: Bug when using the validation option Allow field to be empty > Yes, but not when the following conditions are met

  • Fix: Issue with populating form with entry data in combination with saving existing entry while logged in as non administrator

  • Fix: Stripe Success URL not working, so that user redirects to a specific thank you page after returning from a completed checkout

  • Fix: Fix file upload when using ACF Pro Gallery field when saving a custom post via Front-end Posting feature

  • Fix: Signature not populated from Save form progression and Retrieve previous entry data. Also, when retrieved from entry data disallow editing the existing signature.

  • Fix: Signature element, rare bug which caused the canvas to not be full width, which would cut off the signature by 50%

  • Fix: <%attachment%> and <%attachment_id%> inside foreach loop inside HTML element should return the file attachment ID not the file name

  • Fix: Bug with updating existing contact entry and preventing creating a new one when using field name hidden_contact_entry_id with Default value set to: {user_last_entry_id}

  • Fix: Issue when placing the same form on the same page multiple times, causing the submitted values for Calculator element to be incorrect

  • Fix: Toggle element render issue when placing the same form multiple times on the same page

  • Fix: Excluding Signature string attachment from Admin/Confirmation E-mail

  • Fix: Issue when dragging elements inside column that are inside an Accordion/TAB element

  • Fix: Issue with using foreach loop inside E-mails not replacing the tags with field value correctly

  • Fix: New signature mobile canvas width not adjusting properly

  • Fix: Conditional logic conflict with columns that are set to be hidden in some scenario's

  • Added: Option to calculate distances between multiple addresses e.g: (between A to B, between B to C and from C back to A)

  • Added: Option Disable browser translation under Translations TAB to disable browsers to translate the form

  • Added: New predefined tags to retrieve form submission date inside emails: submission_date_gmt, submission_hours_gmt, submission_timestamp_gmt, submission_date, submission_hours, submission_timestamp

  • Added: isset() and !isset() methods to check if a field was conditionally hidden/visible. Useful inside HTML elements and E-mails. Example here: (

  • Added: Option to add attributes on the listings shortcode to apply hardcoded filters e.g: [super_listings list="1" id="61602" entry_status="completed"] would only display entries with status Completed

  • Added: Extra tags to retrieve date names for datepicker element: {date;day_name}, {date;day_name_short}, {date;day_name_shortest}, {date;day_of_week}. This way you can display specific time slots based on a specific week day

  • Added: Filter logic option Exact match for autosuggest feature to filter exact Label value for an item

  • Added: Filter logic case sensitive search

  • Added: Form locker option Do not lock form, but still display a message to only display a message but still allow user to submit the form even if the threshold was reached.

  • Added: Option to pre-load conditional logics via Ajax request, to store it into an object on the client side, instead of in the source code. Useful/required when dealing with 500+ conditions

  • Added: Option to attach XML file with form data to admin E-mails via Form Settings > XML Attachment on builder page

  • Improved: Significant speed improvements/optimization for large/complex forms with a lot of conditional logic/variable conditions/calculations.

  • Fix: Allow the Currency field to have zero value e.g: 0.00

  • Fix: Issue with {register_generated_password} tag not working when sending activation email after user registration

  • Fix: Issue with Unique code generation when using invoice increment option. Not saving the invoice number increment in some ocassions depending on the configured settings

  • Fix: Issue with generated PDF when theme placing footer scripts/styles inside a custom node. Causing PDF to miss specific styles. An example them is the famous Avada theme.

  • Fix: PDF line-height/vertical alignment of text for text and textarea input fields improvements

  • Fix: Issue with Listings filters causing to display entries that have post_author value 0 to all users even though it shouldn't

  • Fix: Prevent users from entering with a year longer than 4 characters in size for datepicker

  • Fix: Form data population issue for Keyword/tags field

  • Added: Missing country Kosovo for the Countries (ISO2) and Countries (FULL) elements

  • Improved: PDF Generator speed optimization

  • Improved: When using Quantity field with steps defined to 0.5 make sure the user can enter a single decimal point by hand. When using 0.05 user will be able to enter 2 decimal point numbers instead. When the step is defined to 1 user won't be able to enter any decimals

  • Fix: PDF page break element orientation change bug

  • Fix: Javascript error indexOf is not a function when called on a number value

  • Fix: When populating signatures via Contact Entry Search field make sure signature can't be edited by the user when defined to do so

  • Fix: Column layout combination 3/5 + 1/5 + 1/5 cuasing last column to be placed on a new line

  • Fix: When exporting entry data and the server returns an error e.g: cURL error..., make sure to delete the file before returning 404 error code, and log the incident

  • Fix: When Save form progress is enabled make sure to not populate Hidden fields values

  • Fix: When using Dynamic column inside Multi-parts make sure when adding a new column it doesn't switch to the first multi-part

  • Fix: When storing client data make sure the generate ID does not exceed 64 characters in length, due to WordPress options table > option_name varchar(64) limit

  • Fix: Calculator element should not replace tags starting with option_ with custom predefined values, instead if a user has a field named option_radio it should grab that value, and not try to grab the option value from the DB table

  • Fix: When using Dynamic Column the %d parameter wouldn't be replaced with the current column number correctly for the E-mail label/Entry Label setting

  • Fix: When using Name Your Price with WooCommerce Checkout in combination with thousand separator . (dot) and decimal , (comma) for prices (can be defined in the WooCommerce settings), make sure the price is formatted accordingly before parsing it to Name Your Price.

  • Fix: PHP notices/errors

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