Dropdown with groups (categories)

How to add groups for WordPress dropdown element so the items belong to categories/subcategories.

In the below JavaScript code simply change field_name to the dropdown field name, and add or edit red1, blue1, green1 with the first item that should belong to the group. If you have multiple dropdowns you can extend the groups object.

You can copy paste this code under Super Forms > Settings > Custom JS.

var groups = {
    field_name: {
        red1: 'Red colors:',
        blue1: 'Blue colors:',
        green1: 'Green colors:'
    //another_dropdown_field: {
    //    value1: 'First group:',
    //    value2: 'Second group:',
    //    value3: 'Third group:'
    var field = document.querySelector('.super-field input[name="'+fieldName+'"]'); if(!field) return;
    var list = field.parentNode.querySelector('.super-dropdown-list'); if(!list) return;
        var node = document.createElement('strong'),
            item = document.querySelector('li[data-value="'+dropdownValue+'"]');
        node.style.width = '100%';node.style.display = 'inline-block'; node.style.padding = '5px 0px 5px 3px';
        node.innerText = groups[fieldName][dropdownValue];
        item.parentNode.insertBefore(node, item);

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