Build In Translation System

Translate your forms on the fly without requiring an additional plugin. You can translate elements and form settings so that everything can be read in a different language properly.

Defining translation for your form

Simply visit the Translations TAB when editing your form and define the languages required for your specific form as shown below.

Enabling RTL (right to left) layout for your language

In case your language requires RTL (right to left layout) you can enable it per language individually:

Allowing users to switch to a different language manually

Enable the Language Switch if you want to display a dropdown above the form so that the user can change to a different language manually:

Loading a specific language via a shortcode

You can also display a fixed language for your form by grabbing the shortcode e.g. [super_form i18n="nl_NL" id="1234"] by defining the language attribute e.g en_GB.

That way you can disable the Language Switch, and use a build in language plugin like WPML to display the correct form based on the language of the page.

Demonstration of Translation form on the front-end

A front-end demo can be found here:

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