Combine multiple field values into one column on Contact Entries page

This code allows you to combine multiple field values into one single column. For instance if you have multiple event dates you could combine them into a single column named "Event Dates"

Instead of using the custom PHP code below, you could also use a Variable field, setting it to hold {tag1}, {tag2}, {tag3} and using this as your final value to create a single column that displays multiple field values.

Place the below code into your child theme functions.php file.

Edit the Event Date column name and define your field names e.g. date_1 date_2 date_3 etc. This code will then comma seperate the fields into a single value placing it in a single column on the Contact Entires page.

add_filter( 'manage_super_contact_entry_posts_columns', 'f4d_super_contact_entry_date_column', 9999999 );
function f4d_super_contact_entry_date_column($columns){
    $name = 'Event Date'; // Change this to your column name
    $columns = array_merge( $columns, array('f4d_custom_date_column' => $name));
    return $columns;
add_action('manage_super_contact_entry_posts_custom_column', 'f4d_super_custom_date_column', 10, 2);
function f4d_super_custom_date_column($column, $post_id){
        // Define your field names
        $fields = array('date_1','date_2','date_3');
        $contact_entry_data = get_post_meta($post_id, '_super_contact_entry_data');
        $final_value = '';
        foreach($fields as $field_name){
            if(isset($contact_entry_data[0][$field_name]) && isset($contact_entry_data[0][$field_name]['value'])){
                $value = $contact_entry_data[0][$field_name]['value'];
                    $final_value .= $value;
                $final_value .= ', '.$value;
        echo $final_value;

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