Save Form Progression (continue later)

How to save entered data when a user fills out a form on your WordPress website so that they can continue later without losing their current progress.

Saving form progression works for both logged in users and none logged in users.

What does form progression stand for?

Form progression stands for the progression that a user made when filling out a form.

In other words, a user might have filled out 7 out of 14 fields of a form, which means 50% of the form was filled out by the user.

The 7 fields that the user has filled out is the progression the user made filling out the form.

How does it work?

Normally when a user fills out a form, and leaves the page, all the work the user had done, would now be gone. To avoid this inconvenience you can enable the Save Form Progression feature so that all the progression will be saved.

Let's say a user filled out your form for 50% percent, and leaves your website, and returns back at a later time. As soon as the user returns she/he can continue where they left off.

How to enable this feature?

To use this feature you can go to Form Settings > Form Settings and enable the option Save form progression.

When enabled the progress of the user will be saved at the moment they leave the form page or your website completely. As soon as the user returns to your site and wishes to continue filling out the form, all the data the user entered will still be in place.

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