Altering cookie secure and httponly parameters

Change how your the cookies are stored by altering the `secure` and `httponly` parameters.

Note: If needed you can change how the cookie is being stored, by default when is_ssl() returns true, a secure cookie will be stored. The cookie HttpOnly parameter is always set to true unless you define otherwise

function f4d_super_cookie_secure_filter($secure) {
    return true; // set to false to disable
add_filter( 'super_cookie_secure_filter', 'f4d_super_cookie_secure_filter' );

function f4d_super_cookie_httponly_filter($httponly) {
    return false; // set HttpOnly parameter for the cookie to false, by default this is set to true
add_filter( 'super_cookie_httponly_filter', 'f4d_super_cookie_httponly_filter' );

function f4d_super_client_data_delete_limit_filter($limit) {
    return 10; // Maximum items to delete per query when cleaning up old client data (by default this value is set to 10)
add_filter( 'super_client_data_delete_limit_filter', 'f4d_super_client_data_delete_limit_filter' );

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