Connect your form with MailChimp and add new subscribers after they fill out the form.


This allows you to add and update subscribers to your MailChimp lists.

Quick start

The quickest way to get started is by installing the demo form: Super Forms > Demos > MailChimp.

If you are starting from scratch you should do the following:

    1. Register an account with MailChimp and create an Audience

    1. In your MailChimp dashboard navigate to Audience > All contacts

    1. Select your adience and from the Settings tab choose Audience name and defaults

    1. Copy the Audience ID (which looks like f14b7103f3)

    1. Go back to your wordpress site, edit your form and add the MailChimp element via Form Elements > MailChimp

    1. Edit the MailChimp element and paste in the Audience ID under Mailchimp Audiance ID

    1. Optionally configure the other settings for the MailChimp element

    1. Once finished click Update Element to save it

    1. Save the form and test if it works

?> Note: Make sure your form has at least an email field named email which is required by MailChimp (obviously).

If needed you can map your fields with MailChimp MERGE tags.

You can also display Groups (or better said interestes) if you configured any for your Audience.

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