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Prevent form submission based on entered field values

Prevent form from being submitted by comparing entered field values. Useful when you want to prevent a specific user or bot from submitting the form. Returns a fake success message to the user.
The below action hook only works with Super Forms v6.3.708+
add_action('super_before_processing_data', function($atts){
$data = $atts['atts']['data'];
// Return fake message when one of the following fields matches the value
$checks = array(
'email' => array(
'phonenumber' => array(
'my_field_name' => array(
foreach($checks as $fieldName => $compare){
// Skip if field with this name does not exists in the form
if(!isset($data[$fieldName])) continue;
// Compare the entered value in the form with the one we defined
if(in_array(trim($data[$fieldName]['value']), $compare)) {
'msg' => '<h1>Thank you!</h1>We will reply within 24 hours (fake message to pretent succesful submission, but nothing really happened)'