WooCommerce Instant Order (in progress)

Create WooCommerce orders on the fly with a single form submission. Skipping the cart and checkout pages and providing a "payment link" after form submission.

This feature is work in progress and not yet available to the public.

Create orders on the fly without the need to use the normal workflow WooCommerce uses and with much flexibility. In comparison to the WooCommerce Checkout feature it allows you to completely skip the Cart and Checkout pages.

Features & Options

Note: all settings are compatible with {tags} system

  • Create orders

  • Update existing orders

  • Allow for Guest checkout

  • Option to load an existing/previous order

  • Option to search/append a customer to an order

  • Option to alter customer address after customer was appended (this will not update the actual customer under "Users" in WordPress)

  • Option to add additional shipping costs dynamically

  • Ability to create a custom overview/summary with a HTML element in combination with foreach loops

  • Custom redirect after order is placed/created

    • Payment gateway (default)

    • Pay for order page (redirects to front-end payment page)

    • Created order (redirects to order in back-end)

    • Order received page (redirects to front-end summary page)

    • Disabled (do not redirect)

  • Create orders with either a single product or multiple products with the following possible options

    • Example with tags: {product_id}|{quantity}|{name}|{variation_id}|{subtotal}|{total}|{tax_class}|{variation}

    • Example without tags: Example: 0|1|T-shirt|0|10|10|0|color;red#size;XL

  • Add custom meta data for products e.g:

    • Example with tags: {id}|Color|{color}

    • Example without tags: 82921|Color|Red

  • Add shipping costs e.g:

    • Example with tags: {shipping_method_id}|{shipping_method_label}|{cost}|{shipping_method}

    • Example without tags: flat_rate_shipping|Ship by airplane|275|flat_rate

  • Add order fee(s)

    • Example with tags: {fee_name}|{amount}|zero-rate|taxable

    • Example without tags: Extra processing fee|45|zero-rate|taxable

  • Option to save coupon code

  • Option to save customer note

  • Option to set order status manually

  • Option to save order notes

  • Option to set a fixed payment gateway/method

  • Option to override Customer ID (defaults to logged in user)

  • Option to save custom order meta data e.g:

    • meta_key|{field1}

  • Define billing and shipping address manually via field mapping e.g:


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