Replacing the "Add to cart" on a product page with a form

How to replace the WooCommerce "Add to cart" button on product page with a custom advanced form.

By default WooCommerce has a so called "Add to cart" button with a "Quantity" field on the product pages. In case you want to replace this section/area with a form, you can do the following:

  1. Make sure you are running Super Forms v4.9.800 or higher

  2. Go to Super Forms > Settings > WooCommerce Checkout:

  3. Map the form with the product under the Replace the default "Add to cart" area setting:

  4. Optionally hide the Title, Rating, Price and or Short description from the product page:

  5. Click Save Settings

  6. Visit the product on the Front-end and confirm that the default "Add to cart" button is replaced with the form.

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