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Text field

Adding a simple Text input field to your WordPress form.
The Text field element is probably the most common element when building forms. It allows users to enter data inside an input area which consists of a single line. The Text field inside Super Forms allows you do several advanced things as listed below.



  • Unique Field Name
  • E-mail & Contact Entry Label
  • Field Label
  • Field Description
  • Placeholder
  • Default Value
  • Field type (text, email, tel, url, number, etc.)
  • Tooltip Text
  • Validation (required, E-mail address, Phonenumber, etc.)
  • Allow field to be empty (skip validation if field is left empty)
  • Conditional Validation (?? contains, != is not, == equals, etc.)
  • Validation error message
Advanced Settings:
  • Disable The Input Field
  • Make Field Read-Only
  • Disable Autocompletion
  • Individual / Grouped
  • Masked Input
  • Text To Uppercase
  • Maximum Characters Allowed
  • Minimum Characters Allowed
  • Maximum Number Allowed
  • Minimum Number Allowed
  • Field Width
  • Wrapper Width
  • Exclude From E-mail
  • Exclude From Contact Entry
  • Error Message Positioning
  • Custom TAB Index
  • Custom Field Class
  • Custom Wrapper Class
Icon Settings:
  • Icon Positioning
  • Icon Alignment
  • Icon
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