Editing elements

Editing elements inside your form

Editing a single element

Each element can be edited via the Pencil icon.

The Element Settings & Options section will open up where you can change the available settings for this specific element.

By default it will display the General settings which are settings that you most commonly will be changing. Depending on what element you are editing you can browse to different sub-settings by clicking on the dropdown and choosing the specific setting category like so:

After you are done making the necessary changes for your element click Update Element button.

After you made changes to your form, you can update it by clicking the Save button.

A quick demonstration on how to edit an element, updating the settings and saving the form.

Deleting elements

To delete an existing element you can click the X icon at the top right of any element. If the element has inner elements (think of a column or multi-part) then all of it's inner elements will also be deleted. If you deleted an element by accident you can use the Undo/Redo buttons to revert the change.

Minimizing & maximizing elements

To minimize or maximize elements you can click the [-] icon at the top right of each element. When you minimize an element that contains inner elements, it will hide all of it's inner elements. This makes it easy to move or rearrange many elements at the same time. Once an element is minimized you can click the same icon to maximize it again.

To minimize or maximize all elements at once you can use the following buttons instead:

Demonstration on how to minimize and maximize your elements:

Undo & Redo changes (revert changes)

When working on your form Super Forms will keep track of what your last changes were. If you accidently deleted an element you can click the Undo & Redo buttons to get back to the previous change.

Restoring from an automatic backup

Backups will be created automatically by Super Forms each time you Save the form. This can come in handy when you wish to revert the form back to a previous "version".

In total, a maximum of 50 backups per form will be created. Once this limit is reached any older backups will be deleted automatically in order to keep your database clean.

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