The Validation option gives you the ability to quickly add a specific validation to any of your fields. This will decrease the risk of a user making mistakes or typos while filling out the form.

Below you can find the available validation methods:

Letters only

Only allow input field to contain letters, and nothing else


Required Field (not empty)

This is the most used validation method, it will simply check if the field was entered or not. This allows you to make a field a so called Required field*.

E-mail address

This validation method checks if the entered email address was a possible valid

The regex used for this validation is:


Phone number

Validations phone numbers with a minimum of 10 characters in length and only allows numbers, spaces, -, +

The regex used for this validation is:



This validation checks if the entered value contains numbers only and no other characters.

The regex used for this validation is:



This validation method can be used whenever you require to validate the user input to be a float value. A float value never contains a comma, and only contains numbers and a dot (.).

The regex used for this validation is:


Website URL

This validation method is used whenever you require the user to enter a valid URL address.

The regex used for this validation is:



Whenever you are asking for an IBAN number you can use this validation method to make sure the entered IBAN is a valid number.

Custom Regex

If you require a specific validation this option allows you to use a custom regular expression on the value entered by the user. If no match was found based on the entered value the Error Message will be displayed to the user.

Some example regular expressions that you might like to use are:

match password that is at least 8 characters long, contains a lower case and upper case letter, contains at least one number and at least a special character/symbol.


match username


match any ip address


match credit card numbers


match email address


match email address except specific domains


select integers only

^[0-9 -()+]+$

match number in range 0-255


match number in range 0-999


match ints and floats/decimals


Match Any number from 1 to 50 inclusive


match elements that could contain a phone number


MatchDate (e.g. 21/3/2006)


match date in format MM/DD/YYYY

^(0[1-9]|1[012])[- /.](0[1-9]|[12][0-9]|3[01])[- /.](19|20)dd$

match date in format DD/MM/YYYY

^(0[1-9]|[12][0-9]|3[01])[- /.](0[1-9]|1[012])[- /.](19|20)dd$

match a url string (Fixes spaces and querystrings)


match domain name (with HTTP)


match domain name (www. only)


match domain name (alternative)


match sub domains: www, dev, int, stage,,


Match jpg, gif or png image


match all images

<img .+?src="(.*?)".+?/>$

match just .png images

<img .+?src="(.*?.png)".+?/>$

match RGB (color) string


match hex (color) string


Match Valid hexadecimal colour code


match a HTML tag (v1)

^< ([a-z]+)([^<]+)*(?:>(.*)< /1>|s+/>)$

match HTML Tags (v2)

(< (/?[^>]+)>)$

match /product/123456789


Match Letters, numbers and hyphens


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