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Why is my form not sending emails?

Tip: Install a Mail logging plugin to see if WordPress is processing emails
First check your SPAM folder, it might have been flagged as spam. If your email was inside your SPAM folder then read this guide on how to possibly resolve this:
Check if WordPress is sending E-mails when using the forgot password form. You can test this on the login page e.g. by clicking on the Lost your password? link.
Check if the default WordPress "Lost your password?" email work.
If you do not receive any E-mails it could be that your hosting disabled PHP mail(). If this is the case you mostly see an error message that notifies you about this.
If you did receive the lost password email then double check that your Send email from: setting is properly configured to match your domain name (see image below). Some mail servers do not allow to use a From header different from the domain name it is being send from.
Changing the email From header to match your current domain name.
If you are still unable to receive E-mails after the above steps, check if any other plugin is being used that overrides WordPress wp_mail() functionality.
If you are using a SMTP plugin or configured Super Forms to send emails via SMTP, recheck if they are configured correctly.